Hermann Schweighofer
About Me

About Me


Make your Hobbies visible.

Following this, I would like to share my pictures with you.
Born long time ago in the sixties, I have started early with taking pictures of everything. And that was a quite expensive undertaking at these times. You had to buy a good photo camera, buy film rolls for colour or black & white pictures. They had a max of 32 images per roll.
And of course, you need to develop them for reviewing the results.

So, taking a picture was more expensive if you did not take the time to find the right settings on the camera, the perfect light, and the “right” time.
Owning your own laboratory was a must for cost reduction.

Today, you still must take care about settings, lights, and timings, BUT you can take more pictures of the same situation or motif. Thanks to digital photography.
And developing pictures at your personal computer gets even more out of your images.

In 2019 I started with aerial photography, working with a DJI drone, which has a Hasselblad camera on it.
A remarkably interesting and challenging new method for an old-school photographer like me.

My equipment used for photos and videos are made from Canon, Fuji, Kodak, Minolta, Olympus, Sony, Yashica and other brands. Some are still in use.

But enough of talking about me. Enjoy my work.

All the best,
Hermann Schweighofer